I’m delighted to be teaming up with Will & Co as part of their online season, #BardInTheVirtualYard, to host this workshop for budding VO artists!

You can buy tickets HERE

Ever been told you have a nice speaking voice? 🗣️

Are you an actor that has considered venturing into the world of VO? Or maybe you have experience in the studio and are ready to take the leap and set up as an independent voiceover artist? 🎧

In this online workshop, we’ll unpack the entire toolkit of what it takes to be a successful freelance VO: from vocal & microphone technique and nailing your voice reels, right through to building your home studio, editing your audio and auditioning well. Drawing from her own experience of building her business from the ground up, Katherine will talk through her journey and empower you to do the same! 🎙️


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