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Anne: A New Monologue

“They never taught me how to read. In all the years I was his wife, I never once read the…


Collaborating with Kid Quill

It’s been an absolute honour to collaborate with Kid Quill as a featured recording artist on his new album, SUNSET…


Fruitful: Horriful Edition

Friday 25 November saw FRUITFUL: 3rd EDITION take place at the beautiful Bridewell Theatre, a space built on an old…


News Revue perform at the BBC

Mum, I did the funnies at the Beeb! News Revue were invited to perform at BBC Radio Hall and it…


Joining the cast of News Revue

Having just celebrated it’s 40th birthday, I am absolutely delighted to be joining the next cast of NEWS REVUE at…


Movement on Lysistrata

I had the absolute treat of assisting with Movement Direction on The Delta Collective’s most recent play, LYSISTRATA, at the…


Where Do We Go Now

Here’s a few photos from the set of WHERE DO WE GO NOW, written and directed by young talent Louis…


Class at Studio 68

Doing Sundays right with the brilliant Lamar Lee, at London’s Studio 68. Check out Lamar’s Instagram here ➜ ➜ https://www.instagram.com/lamarlee/…


Through The Static

Just wrapped on a fab week’s shoot with Rosie Kimberley-Brooks’ on her latest short film, Through The Static. I play…


After The Dance

It’s been a pleasure to spend the last week playing Helen Banner in Terrence Rattigan’s beautiful After The Dance at…


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