Who can relate to that neverending list of lockdown ambitions? 👀 It’s been a joy to collaborate online and bring […]
I am very proud to present SEMI DETACHED, a project I recently filmed with Haywire Films. Directed by Michael Blundell-Lithco […]
“They never taught me how to read. In all the years I was his wife, I never once read the […]
Mum, I did the funnies at the Beeb! News Revue were invited to perform at BBC Radio Hall and it […]
Having just celebrated it’s 40th birthday, I am absolutely delighted to be joining the next cast of NEWS REVUE at […]
Here’s a few photos from the set of WHERE DO WE GO NOW, written and directed by young talent Louis […]
I’m off on tour!! My first trip is with Above The Moon Productions as Laura in HAPPY YET? at Das […]
It’s been a fabulous two months on tour performing as Sybil in Noel Coward’s Private Lives. We’ve had all the […]
Thank you to India, Holly and all the lovely Brainchild team who hosted a wicked scratch evening on 14 June […]
Had a wicked time shooting Afternoon Tea with the Cygnet Films team last week, in the role of Kyle’s mum. […]