Anne: A New Monologue

Photo by Phillipe Girard –>

“They never taught me how to read. In all the years I was his wife, I never once read the plays”

I had the pleasure of premiering this new monologue written by Victoria Baumgartner (Artistic Director of Will & Co.) which tells the untold tale of Anne Shakespeare, wife to the world-famous bard.

The piece debuted at the Pleasance Theatre, London as part of Glass Splinters New Writing Night.

Photo by Phillipe Girard –>

WILL at Rose Playhouse

Delighted to announce that I will be playing Anne Hathaway in WILL at the Rose Playhouse this March and April. 

Directed by the fantastic Victoria Baumgartner. Kinda epic to be playing on the same original foundations as the people whose stories we are telling performed over 400 years ago..!

“England, 1585.

The young Will Shakespeare is living in the peaceful town of Stratford-upon-Avon, in the heart of England with his newlywed wife, Anne. But something’s missing. He’s dreaming of prophecies, rough magic and words no one is able to find. As he starts following these dreams, life takes him on a journey, from under the protection of an immensely rich Lord to nights in brawl taverns with travelling actors. But Elizabethan England is not an easy place to thrive…

Find out the story of how Will became William Shakespeare through this play bursting with echoes to his future works, in between fantasies and reality.”

Come have a gander from 27 March to 21 April.